How to Block an email Sender in Roundcube

Do you have a problem with spam emails? Want to block the sender’s email address?

After repeatedly receiving too-frequent, unsolicited, spammy emails from a sender who does not provide an unsubscribe link in their messages, I wanted to block all messages coming from that sender’s email address. The problem is, in the Roundcube I’m using, there is no option, when viewing the message, to block the sender.

Google’s top result said to view the message and select the “More” menu option at the top right, and then select “Block sender”. In order to find the “More” option, you first have to select the 2-squares “popout” option at the top-right corner of the message. But if your Roundcube installation is like mine, there is no option under “More” to block a sender.

There also are no options to block a sender under Settings within Mail from Roundcube.

The solution is to select the Dashboard menu item to go to the web host’s email Dashboard. This takes you back to the email settings under cPanel on your hosting site. Email addresses blocked here may block them from all of your email setups, not just the one you started from.

Select “Email Filters”.

Email Filters displays with 4 areas:

  • Edit Filters for <your main email account>. If you have multiple websites set up under a primary account on your web hosting site, and emails set up for the other websites, the filters you set here will apply to all your email accounts set up under your primary web hosting account.
  • Create Filter includes a button labeled “Create a New Filter”. Here’s your chance!
  • Current Filters shows an expandable list of your current filter names. Clicking on a name will expand it to show you its details.
  • Filter Test provides a space to enter a test email message to see how your current filter settings handle your test message.

Note: Remember that set in this manner, the filter to block the specified sender’s email address will apply to all email accounts across all websites set up under your primary hosting account.

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